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Why CannaTech Network?
Because peer review is everything in cannabis.

Co-op collaboration is the only way.

Greed from corporate capitalism and underground cannabis is not the true path.

Canna we help you?

Independent grassroots alliance

A Network
You Can Trust

Anything you need, we are a full-service-support-network. We have 20+ partners under our belt, ranging from Seed-to-sales software to LED grow lights. We are here to help anyway we can. Usually in a nimble and timely manner.

Cannatech Network is considered a solutions provider and independent contract alliance in the Cannabis industry. We are not here to dominate or take over. We came in eager to learn, listen, and support. Combined we have over 40 years of work experience. We will make the connections between the good “suits” and the “birks” of the world. We believe in customer service before profit. We are on a mission to make sure technology is harmonious with nature.

We help you grow your cannabis business


Energy Management & Back-up Storage


LED Grow Lighting


Licensed Cannabis Distribution


Design & Construction


Commercial LED Lighting


Hemp Shipping and Logistics


POS, SAAS, CRM, Cloud, Hosted IP, SDWAN


IT, Cabling, Wiring, WiFi, Internet, Manage Controls, Security

@cannakins @mrspnnetworks @stevesdown

Referral Programs


Project Management Clients

@maywoodcookies @seabright_distribution @drzodiakofficial @captainjack_original

Augmented Reality


Engineering, Electrical, Design, GC


Community and Events

@ishqathecurator @thecannabossbabes

It's a #CannaWeHelpYou mentality.

Partnerships only.
NO competition.


How we Help Transform Succeed

I'm discussing “THEGOXBOX- The Group Of X-perts” with Jason Cragholm, Rudy Roma, @cooraez, @creatorcalebji, @CryptoChrys, @vorpalsporkJAZ, Carly Goebel, and THEGOXBOX. Today, Jul 30 at 12:00 PM PDT in @clubhouse. Join us! https://www.clubhouse.com/event/xqYkGe8D

I'm discussing “Embrace the Suck!” with Kalle Snyder, Rudy Roma, @creatorcalebji, Amanda Griffin-Snyder, Jason Cragholm, and CannaTech Network . Today, Jul 29 at 4:00 PM PDT in @clubhouse. Join us! https://www.clubhouse.com/event/PbD3OVqR

According to an @NREL report, 1/2 of low-income households in the US are suitable for solar. Policies can open up access and energy savings to these families. Tell your Senator today to support equitable access for solar in the infrastructure package.

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We like "craft", care, and compassion!
“Co-op collaboration is the only way!”

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